And the saddest fear comes creeping in: that she never loved me, or her, or anyone, or anything

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Dear Taylor, My name is Jessica. I’m 20 years old, and I’m a Swiftie. I’m also dying.
In Jan ‘13 I was diagnosed with terminal heart failure. I will lose my battle but because of you every day I win the war. You help me choose happiness, hope and love over sadness, bitterness and pain. You help me dance and sing and twirl when I want to curl up and cry. You help me choose life. I’m so happy to be alive, to watch the clouds, see the stars, taste the snowflakes. I’m so honoured to feel the grass between my toes and to hear your voice playing from the radio. Your music holds my hand when I am sad, and cheers my corner when I’m happy. You’ve achieved so much, so young, and you prove to me every day that a good and full life is not measured in years, but in what you do within those years. Thank you for giving me the strength to carry on, and to fight. I had so many dreams that will never be realised, but you inspire me to try. Because what is life without hopeless attempts at dreams ? I dream to see you in person, I know the chances are next to impossible because I’m from the UK, but I’m visiting New York for treatment on my heart in October and I can’t help but hope that one dream can still come true. That I’ll meet you and be able to tell you just how wonderful you are. That I’ll get to hug you and thank you face to face (the way my Mama taught me!) but if not, please know I love you and I am so grateful for my little slice of happiness. No one can save my life, but you’re saving my soul. Thank you for inspiring me to be exactly who I am, through highs and lows. Because of you, I know that being me is enough. Love Jessica xxx

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Look at my mermaid. If she knew how much power she had, she could have whoever she wants, but she’s afraid. I think about what she’d be like if she was as tough as she was beautiful.

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Powder, 2014 | by Marcus Palmqvist

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They took Ned, and your sweet brothers. Sansa is married, Arya is lost, my father’s dead…if anything befell you, I would go mad, Robb. You are all I have left. You are all the North has left.

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*opens history textbook*
White people fucked everything up.
*closes history textbook*

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Infinite List of Favourite Movies | Sky High (2005)
I’ve done all I can do—I’m not wonder woman you know

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Take no shit

If only this was a socially acceptable way to deal with assholes in the world today…

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