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Favourite Movies [in no order]:
● Mulan 1998:
The greatest gift and honor… is having you for a daughter.”

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For the purpose of this field diary, let’s just call him Harvard Hottie.

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best fanfic tropes:

  • 'i guess we'll have to share the bed'
  • 'maybe we should pretend to date'
  • 'oh no….look like we trapped in this closet together….'
  • 'my room mate is kind of hot?????'

You forgot

  • I can’t go alone to my ex’s wedding
  • Omg our car broke down in a snowstorm
  • Hot single dad hires broke babysitter

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You’re a strong girl. Personally I think that you’re gonna pull through with a minimal amount of post traumatic stress. Or maybe a few years of profoundly disturbing nightmares.

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If you want to hang out tell me like a week beforehand so I can plan out the reasons why I won’t be able to go

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Dance with me dumb-ass.

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“The truth is, I pretend to be a cynic, but I am really a dreamer who is terrified of wanting something she may never get.” — Joanna Hoffman (via feellng)

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He transformed the pain of his tormented life into ecstatic beauty. Pain is easy to portray but to use your passion and your pain to portray the ecstasy and joy and the magnificence of our world, no one had ever done it before. Perhaps no one ever will again.

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